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Defend against internet-borne threats. Secure access to corporate apps.

Defend against internet-borne threats.
Secure access to corporate apps.

Fyde Enterprise

and security

We are defining a new benchmark for security and trusted access in the perimeterless enterprise.

Exchange outdated technology for a single solution that addresses all the access to enterprise applications — VPC, SaaS and data center.

Fyde replaces VPN with an identity-centric access model that extends beyond the conventional perimeter. Simplify management and improve visibility into your security posture.

Fyde continuously evaluates policy compliance before granting access

We validate access rights with each request, to significantly reduce attack surface and limit breach risks.

Zero Trust

Access is conditional, contextual, and temporal


Ensure device health and hygiene


Compatibility with all apps, from legacy to SAML/https


Specifically built for mobile


Perform IOC searches on devices outside of corporate network


All security controls performed on the device
Fyde App

Time to
secure the
way we live

Fyde offers a first-of-its-kind service that protects both consumers and businesses. Fyde secures confidential information and intellectual property by preventing phishing and other human-centric attacks on mobile and portable devices in real-time.

Most cybersecurity incidents nowadays start with a form of phishing. Industry-wide statistics points to a 65% yearly growth in large scale phishing campaigns and estimates that 76% of businesses encounter at least one incident every year.

No latency or battery impact
Security policy that roams
Increased privacy due to local inspection
On-device network gateway
Instant blocking at device level
Crowdsourced attack telemetry

Fyde protects from
phishing, smishing,
vishing and rogue

Fyde App

Patent-pending plugin which intercepts all network requests on devices locally

Fyde Intelligence

Machine Learning system for active prevention against credential theft and unauthorized access

Fyde Enterprise

Leverage global trends in phishing attacks and fake sites.
Remediate the impact of phishing attacks and execute retrospective actions to triage compromised devices

Fyde Enterprise

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Fyde App

Protect what matters most:
your identity, your wallet, your privacy.
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