3 easy steps to create a strong password

At Fyde we block thousands of phishing attacks every week. Shared or hacked passwords are directly linked to more phishing attacks that can successfully trick your friends, family and colleagues into financial and reputational damage. As the average employee has to keep track of nearly 200 passwords, there is no surprise that 81% of security breaches are due to passwords.

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What are phishing, smishing and vishing?

Where do the fish keep their money? In a riverbank! Jokes aside, no matter how much you’re trying to protect your “riverbank,” there will always be someone trying to phish their way into it, and most of the time, without you even realizing it.

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The Paradigm Shift

The traditional approach to solving cybersecurity problems has long been handicapped if not completely rendered obsolete due to modern changes to computing and networking platforms, however it seems most cybersecurity vendors did not pay attention.

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No, not even U2F is going to stop phishing...

Remember the good old days, when you thought 2FA (two-factor authentication) could save your company and your customers from insidious phishing attacks? Well it is a new day, and phishers have once again proven that they can circumvent what we thought were robust security controls. The latest victim? 2FA.

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Security vendors need to stop doing more harm than good

Much like physicians, security vendors prescribe remedies for their customers' ailments. Unlike physicians, no Hippocratic oath exists for security vendors. What if our industry operated under a basic tenet like "First, do no harm?" Instead, security vendors continue to add new layers of complexity, and therefore new attack surfaces, with the intention of solving a security problem on the stack below. Their rationale? That it is better than doing nothing or better than what the customer had in place the day before.

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Hello, World!

Today, we launch Fyde, the first line of defense against phishing and account takeover attacks. Fyde represents a giant leap forward in personal security, realizing our vision to protect everyday people from attacks that target their hard-earned financial well-being and personal reputation.

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